Hygiene and Cleaning Products for domestic use-Peru

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Hygiene and cleaning products for domestic use

Decision 706 of 2008 of the Andean Community of Nations, CAN, established the Harmonization of Legislation on Domestic Hygiene Products and Absorbent Personal Hygiene Products. Decision 706 of 2008 defines a domestic hygiene product as “That formulation whose main function is to remove dirt, disinfect, aromatize the environment and promote the care of utensils, objects, clothes or areas that will later be in contact with the independent human being. of its commercial presentation.This definition does not include those products whose formulation has the main function of removing dirt, disinfecting and tending to the care of machinery and industrial and commercial facilities, educational centers, hospitals, public health and others for use in industrial processes “.

This regulation applies to all the countries of the CAN (Andean Community of Nations), Aruna has a team specialized in the registration and approval of its products, which, strategically, achieve parallel arrival in these markets, in order to be able to commercialize cleaning, hygiene and cleaning products require the Mandatory Sanitary Notification, communication in which the Competent Sanitary Authority is informed, under sworn declaration, which product will be marketed in the country in full compliance with the corresponding regulations. This Mandatory Sanitary Notification may be modified, recognized or renewed, according to the interest of the Holder and aligned with the norm.
The Ecuadorian Competent Health Authority is DIGEMID, in charge of attending to all requests from natural or legal persons that carry out production, conditioning, storage, distribution, commercialization and import activities of this type of product.

Aruna Asesores has a group of specialists with experience in the field, guaranteeing the proper management of the different requests before the Competent Health Authorities belonging to the Andean Community, including DIGEMID, optimizing efforts by channeling the process with a single regulatory consultant.

Check with our professionals online or get frequent questions about registration processes in different countries

Check with our professionals online or get frequent questions about registration processes in different countries