Medical Devices - Central America and the Caribbean

*With our services, marketing authorizations are achieved in the countries where we operate, we provide regulatory services, we do not manufacture products

Medical devices

The group of medical devices includes a number of products with different characteristics. In order to achieve the greatest effectiveness and opportunity in our services, the firm has professionals attached to each of the specialized areas, who are responsible for providing advice on matters related to the sanitary regime, sanitary surveillance and the Sanitary Registry of medical devices in national manufacturing imported in the countries where we operate.

Medical devices cover a number of references that are used in different areas of health and the categorization may vary from country to country, which implies a prior evaluation by the regulatory team.

The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic has become the biggest challenge for Central America, as they are highly dependent on developed countries for medical devices and, since the number of cases in these countries has grown significantly, they have a great impact on the industries of medical devices in these regions.

South and Central America is experiencing great growth in the geriatric population. This increase leads to several chronic conditions such as cancer, orthopedic conditions, neurodegenerative disorders, diabetes among others, meaning an important factor for the growth of the market in this region. The South and Central American medical device industry is witnessing continuous innovations and technological advances that, in turn, drive the healthcare sector around the world. The increasing prevalence of chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, stroke, and kidney disease, increases the demand for medical devices for diagnostic and treatment purposes.

The import markets for medical devices in Central America and the Caribbean are: Costa Rica, Guatemala, El Salvador, Panama and the Dominican Republic.

Aruna Asesores has a team of doctors, biomedical, technical and legal experts who accompany it in the process of obtaining the commercialization of these products in these countries.

Check with our professionals online or get frequent questions about registration processes in different countries

Check with our professionals online or get frequent questions about registration processes in different countries