Arunamex, a leader in the field of sanitary regulation, has made a significant mark at the National Congress of Sanitary Regulation Professionals in Mexico. During the event, held recently in Mexico City, Arunamex consolidated its expertise and played an active role in updating Mexican sanitary regulation.

Arunamex’s team of experts participates in various sessions and panels, sharing their vast experience in the field and presenting innovative proposals to improve sanitary regulation standards in the country. Arunamex representatives highlighted the importance of guaranteeing the safety and quality of sanitary products and services, as well as the need to adapt regulations to technological and scientific advances.

In addition, Arunamex took the opportunity to establish strategic alliances with other institutions and professionals in the sector, with the objective of promoting collaboration

and synergy in the search for effective solutions to the current challenges in sanitary regulation.

Arunamex’s outstanding participation in this congress demonstrates its commitment to the development and continuous improvement of sanitary regulation in Mexico, and its role as a reference in the field of sanitary safety and quality.